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Many factors are considered when choosing tooling for a specific application: material and thickness being cut, budgetary constraints, alloy composition, frequency of use and expected knife life. GESCO’s team can help customers choose the best knives for their application with the goal of obtaining maximum knife life. GESCO will also develop a reconditioning program to achieve optimal performance while maximizing the life of the tooling. Estimated grinds remaining is calculated to guide the customer on remaining knife life.

This is especially true when considering the cost of high-temperature, nickel-alloy, solid knives. The cost of remanufactured knives of this type can be a fraction of new, solid knives.

Some tooling can be restored to original condition through a process of machining and grinding. A process involving weld-overlay and heat treating can be an economic alternative to new tooling.

Contact GESO’s team to discuss the options available to achieve long-term, economic and efficient use of your tooling.